ā€œWelcome To Team Legacy! This Is Your Fast Start Guide. Please Watch The Videos Below, Then Implement The Information Inside.ā€
#1.) Team Legacy Fast Start Training:
Inside this video, Landon Stewart & Chis Stapleton will show you exactly how you can launch & scale your Enagic business.
(*Note: Here's the link to the document shown in the training:
#2.) Team Legacy Launch Training:
Inside this video, you'll discover you how to LAUNCH your Enagic business & get your first surge of leads & sales.
(*Note: Here's the launch templates mentioned in the training: http://landonstewart.com/launchtemplates)
#3.) Team Legacy Scaling Training:
How would you like to COPY our proven 6 & 7-figure ad campaigns? Inside this video, you'll see how you can swipe & deploy our proven ad templates to get your first Facebook ad up ASAP.
(*Important: Make sure you go through the entire GAZ Basic Training before watching this video. It can be found in your GAZ backoffice here:
(*Note: Here's your link to copy our proven ad templates:
#4.) Team Legacy Links & Resources:
- Link to login to the Global Affiliate Zone back office:
(*Note: If you haven't signed up for GAZ yet, reach out to the person who referred you to Enagic & ask for their sign up link)
- Link to login to the Enagic back office:
(*Note: You will be emailed your Enagic login information when Enagic processes your paperwork)
- Link to join the Team Legacy Facebook group:
(*Note: You must be an active member of GAZ or Enagic to join.)
- Link to join the GAZ Facebook group:
(*Note: You must have an active GAZ membership to join the group)
- Link to Team Legacy's Enrollment Guide:
(*Note: This guide has everything you need to enroll a new person into your Enagic business, either as a customer or distributor)
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